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    Eva Zamarro

    Head of Finance, Administration & Legal

    Eva has a Diploma of Higher Education in Business Administration and Finance. Having been a long-standing member of Evolution since 2011, starting at Innova Consulting and then now continuing at Evolution, she has been a participant in the growth of both companies. She has collaborated with the administrative management of national and European grants, and in the administrative support for R&D Deductions and Tax Credit Departments. Currently, she is the Director of the Administration and Finance Department, working closely with the Company Management.

    Eva enjoys being a part of the Evolution team as this implies always looking to the future to see what can be offered to clients as a result of Evolution’s continual improvement. Outside of the office, Eva has three main passions: music, as great source of inspiration, relaxation and recuperation; travel both inside and outside of the Spanish borders to broaden natural, cultural, and social horizons; and of course, family.