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    Neeraj Rengarajan Evolution Team

    Neeraj Rengarajan

    Investment Manager

    Neeraj holds an MBA from IESE Business School and has experience across start-ups & technology, investments and finance.

    He began his career as an analyst in the investment banking function after which he moved to real estate transactions, providing consulting services for the world’s biggest private equity firms, banks and developers.

    After moving to Spain, he led the fintech vertical of a venture builder, where he led projects from ‘concept’ to ‘Company’ and was involved in deal flow screening, strategy, product development, project management and fundraising from VC’s and angel investors.

    Neeraj’s innate curiosity drives him to explore how things work, and he harbours a deep fascination for astronomy and science. In his leisure time, he enjoys cooking, reading about world events, and indulging his passion for football and sports.