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    SME Instrument/EIC Accelerator

    Since the attack on the Twin Towers in 2001, terrorism has been in our collective unconscious as the main threat to security. With the uncertainty of terrorist actions and fanatic behavior, it is impossible to guarantee a risk-free environment in the crowds. Therefore, it is a matter of how event organizers prepare, respond and recover to mitigate the consequences of emergencies. Good countermeasures and contingency planning can protect the areas of the crowd from interruptions and ultimately improve trust.

     The Zoovel Ultrasound Connectivity (Zoovel-UC) project is a D2D connectivity to increase security in crowded areas such as sports stadiums, concert halls, open space events, subway, etc., that provide crowd management in real time. Zoovel-UC technology conducts direct and selective communication with viewers and uses geospatial intelligence to change fan flow and minimize crowds in real time, improving the efficiency of current security protocols.