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  • Progress in Swiss Horizon Europe Negotiations

    by Amy Murphy | May 17, 2024 | Reading time: < 1 minutes | Blog, European Programmes – Project Management


    Swiss and EU negotiators are striving for a Horizon Europe association deal by summer, offering access to calls in 2025. Talks reopened in November, aiming to resolve Switzerland’s exclusion from 2021. Transition measures permit Swiss academics to apply for ERC grants in 2024. 

    If the negotiations are concluded, Swiss researchers could participate in 2025 calls, which open this July. These tight timelines pose challenges for Swiss researchers needing preparation time for 2025 calls. The University of Geneva advises researchers to prepare projects for both national and EU funding. Uncertainty impacts collaborations in the European Research Area, particularly affecting younger researchers.

    While a twin-track negotiation offers hope for Horizon association, uncertainties remain regarding potential stall tactics by the Commission. Nonetheless, they emphasize commitment to modernizing relations and aim for a comprehensive agreement by 2024.

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