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  • Hystrix medical: Digital transformation for the healthcare industry

    by Myriam de Cabo | Sep 19, 2019 | Reading time: 3 minutes | Blog

    Hystrix medical

    Hystrix medical AG was founded in August 2017 by former Managing Director for Boston Scientific in Switzerland and Division Head of Interventional Cardiology in Austria, Philippe Hügli.

    Being the merging node between suppliers and buyers of medical products, implants, and related services, hystrix medical was formed to act as an online marketplace and over time to develop into a true hub of healthcare market information.

    Their mission is to save time and money for the healthcare sector to unlock resources for increased patient focus and to help ease the financial burden on the healthcare sector and the public.

    Nowadays, hystrix medical is an online B2B marketplace for medical products. The company digitizes procurement and sales processes to create speed, efficiency and transparency. They put their efforts in unburdening healthcare service providers and suppliers through digital transformation. This way, both parties can concentrate on what really matters: the patient’s wellbeing.

    While all involved parties gain efficiency, hystrix medical helps to create a sustainable and affordable healthcare system for all.


    The Challenge

    Nowadays, hospitals in Switzerland and Europe traditionally buy medical devices through a very complicated and time-consuming process. Digitalization is still in its infancy in this sector. What hospitals are missing is an easily and fast accessible full market view. They lose time and miss out on the full range of offers due to a lack of information.

    Hystrix medical saw the opportunity both in this information gap and the lack of digitalisation. They took the challenge and turned it into a business opportunity so that, through their market place, both hospitals and suppliers can explore new business opportunities.

    Being convinced that their solution can have a broader European application, hystrix medical chose to go after the Phase I grant of the SME Instrument. This opportunity would allow them to test the broader potential of their business idea and further explore the challenges and risks they are facing as a company, as well as maximizing their chances to get the SME Instrument Phase II grant.



    Thanks to hystrix medical’s interest in expanding their company, Evolution had the chance to work on their Phase I proposal for the SME Instrument programme. Working as a team, we put together the information needed to fulfill the European Commission’s requirements for their application. We managed to get a successful outcome thanks to our team’s expertise in healthcare projects as well as our previous experience in dealing with Horizon 2020 proposals.

    Onto the next steps, Evolution is now working on hystrix medical’s Phase II proposal to ensure they have the highest chances of getting their funding granted.

    Do you have an innovative project? Are you on the lookout for funding opportunities? Get in touch with us and get the chance to evaluate your project for free! Send us an email to info@evolutioneurope.eu