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  • EU’s ‘Fit for 55’ package: Join the green revolution and help achieve ambitious energy goals

    by Megan Schmidgal & Alba Saldaña | Apr 24, 2023 | Reading time: 2 minutes | Blog


    The European Union has agreed on new regulations to strengthen the Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Directives, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve energy independence in line with the European Green Deal

    The new ‘Fit for 55‘ package includes targets for energy efficiency and renewable energy use, as well as provisions for financing and promoting local heating and cooling plans.


    Key provisions of the new regulations

    The new regulations give legal strength to the energy efficiency first principle and set a goal of 11.7% energy efficiency by 2030. This means that energy efficiency should be prioritized over other measures when reducing energy consumption. The new regulations also include a binding renewable target for 2030 to a minimum of 42.5%, up from the current 32% target. 

    The new provisions aim to scale up and accelerate home-grown renewable energy across power generation, industry, buildings, and transport. The new regulations include easier and faster permitting procedures for renewable energy rollout, targets for renewable energy use in transport, industry, heating and cooling sectors, and buildings, provisions to support energy system integration, and strengthened bioenergy sustainability criteria. 

    EU countries will also be required to promote local heating and cooling plans in large municipalities having populations above 45,000, and minimum requirements will be gradually changed to ensure a fully decarbonized district heating and cooling supply by 2050.


    SMEs driving Europe’s energy transition

    The new directives mark an opportunity for SMEs driving Europe’s energy transition. SMEs can take advantage of the strengthened mechanisms for energy efficiency financing to facilitate investments in Member States and innovative funding schemes and green lending products


    Funding opportunities and expert help for SMEs in the EU’s green energy transition

    The EU’s ‘Fit for 55’ package is a significant step towards achieving the EU’s green energy goals. Start-ups and SMEs that fit these energy efficiency or renewable energy directives can benefit from financing and expert help to find funding for their projects. With the right support, the EU can move towards a more sustainable and resilient energy system.

    As we continue to support Europe’s energy transition towards a more sustainable future, we are thrilled to share a success story that demonstrates the power of innovation in sustainability topics. Sakowin’s low-cost sustainable hydrogen solution is an excellent example of how start-ups can lead the charge towards a cleaner, more resilient energy system. 

    Let’s join forces to create a more sustainable energy future for us all.