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  • “Evolve your career”, the Evolution internship program

    by Inés Zamarro | Jun 27, 2019 | Reading time: 3 minutes | Blog



    Knowledge, closeness, innovation and transparency are the values ​​that are part of the business culture of Evolution and the foundations of our internship program. It offers students and recent graduates the opportunity to develop their professional careers in the world of financing consulting for R&D projects.

    The objective we pursue is twofold: to transfer to the university ecosystem the experience of our Project Managers while they are positively affected by a new way of thinking, more fresh, digital, innovative and creative.


    David Gil, People & Talent Manager

    Through the internship program at Evolution, we established agreements with national and international universities, which have allowed us to approach different students who stand out for their academic excellence, their interest in innovation and their motivation to learn and develop on a personal and professional level.

    Much of the talent participating in this program joins our team after their internship, this being a great opportunity for the development of their professional career, and enriching the Evolution family with their knowledge and skills.


    Esther Peguero, Innovation Consultant Trainee

    When I was studying my last year of the Master’s, I was looking to establish the foundations of my professional career, and I liked that, in Evolution, they offered me the opportunity to be part of the company after finishing the internship period. At that time, I did not consider that the work we do in consulting was something that an engineer could do, but it has allowed me to apply my technical knowledge while learning how to deal with clients.

    From this experience I would highlight the companionship between the team, I know that I can count on my teammates to solve any questions that may arise.


    Xavier Guzmán, Innovation Consultant Trainee

    When you leave university you have a more theoretical vision thanks to the training you have been receiving. What you discover when you start developing in the workplace is your ability to apply what you learned in your day to day, in a practical way, and face different challenges and situations that make you grow as a professional and as a person.

    Being part of Evolution has allowed me to learn from the colleagues around me, who have transmitted their experience and taught me a lot about the business world.

    My goal right now is to keep learning. I would like to develop my career plan here and be part of other projects. My goal is to become a Project Manager.


    Alex Leurent, Business Development Manager

    My initial motivation for being part of Evolution was to do internships abroad, especially in a Spanish-speaking country to improve my knowledge of the language, as well as to have the possibility of continuing in the company after that period.

    Because of my background in business, this program has allowed me to expand my knowledge by putting into practice everything I learned in a real environment, managing clients and developing my negotiation skills.

    The responsibility they gave me from the beginning made me sign my first contract after two months in the company and, since then, my personal and professional growth has been very remarkable.

    Once my internship period is over, I will feel fortunate to continue being part of such a successful team that holds very good prospects for the future.

    Are you looking to complement your academic training and want to develop in an international and innovative environment? We are looking for you!