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    Qlibri Success Case Evolution

    Current moisturizing, UV protection, and anti-wrinkle ingredients in topical cosmetics often underperform because the ingredients are not delivered to the appropriate skin layer.

    This leads to chemical degradation and reduced functionality. Moreover, insufficient evidence on performance often leads to increased dosage.

    The EMBOLDEN project, led by the Carinsa group in coordination with Eurecat, along with The Happytree, a prominent Korean ecological cosmetics company, and supported by the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), obtained funding from the Eurostars programme.

    EMBOLDEN leverages a highly innovative microencapsultion delivery system to precisely deliver multifunctional ingredients to deliver moisturizing, UV protection and  anti-wrinkle ingredients to the right skin layers, enhancing their performance and effectiveness.

    This innovation not only addresses current cosmetic shortcomings but also anticipates significant global and European/Korean market opportunities, where there is a growing demand for efficient, multifunctional and eco-friendly cosmetic solutions.

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