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    SME Instrument/EIC Accelerator
    process image solar panel recycling

    By 2050, 4 billion solar panels will need to be recycled thanks to exploding demand for solar energy. 

    The most common method of recycling is shredding and sorting but today, only the legally required minimum of solar panels is recycled. Important raw materials such as silver and silicon are lost and end up in landfills—even while Europe is importing these same materials.

    SOLAR MATERIALS has developed a patented layer-by-layer thermo-mechanical process based on infra-red heating that not only recycles solar panels in an economical and energy-efficient way but recovers all raw materials from solar modules, including silver, copper and silicon.

    This remarkable technology not only places SOLAR MATERIALS at the forefront of the green revolution but also unlocks vast economic opportunities in the process.

    SOLAR MATERIALS secured EIC Accelerator funding to finalize the development of its industrial plant ensuring that solar— a key pillar of the EU´s energy transition—becomes truly clean energy.