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    Beer has been one of the low-alcohol beverages preferred by consumers for centuries. In recent years, we have seen new trends emerge, making craft beers gain particular relevance in the market and increasing their consumption habits.

     The Lúpulo project is coordinated among 3 partners: Montes de Cristal y Acero, the Public University of Navarra, and the CNTA based on the development of new varieties and treatment processes for the beer industry in two areas:

    Obtaining new commercial varieties of hops from the selection and domestication of wild varieties that are currently growing in Navarra. These varieties will have characteristics of different quality from those currently available, as well as a better adaptation to the agroclimatic environment.

    The development of a new process of treatment of hops based on the technology of high-voltage electrical pulses that allows to extract all the sensory components (bitterness and aromas).